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"Trish is a supremely creative designer who demonstrates a rare capacity for both 360 envisioning and in-the-details creating in the same moment. And, with her attention to detail for execution, I trust Trish on projects in every layer of the work. Some professionals inspire joy with what they bring to the creative table. Trish is one of those people in spades. A real leader. "

Dr. Michael Reid Trice, Director
Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs at Seattle University

"Narrative phenom in multiple mediums. When Trish tells the viewer something, the message unfurls like a banner and impacts like a thunderclap. As a professional and entrepreneur, her capacity to simultaneously manage a creative production process and handle logistics of UX/customer/community engagement easily and effortlessly is astonishing."

Hanah Ehrenreich
Non-Profit Business Manager

"Trish is a talented and driven artist who delivers results. I've worked with her on several projects in the past and would highly recommend her."

Eddie Harris
Graphic Design Specialist

"Trish is easy to work with and professional.  Always goes above and beyond for her clients."

Kenneth Mayner, MPA
Chief Branding Officer at City of Fayetteville


I am Trish Brownlee. I am a creative alchemist with a diverse background who is innovative, empathic, and dedicated to creating a better world through design thinking and artistic solutions.

I am an intuitive, whole-hearted, and skilled UX designer, and graphic designer who transforms abstract visions of the imagination into a functional reality that delights, mends, inspires, and unites. What would you like to create together? Let’s have coffee and manifest some magic!  

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Gig Harbor, WA

Greater Seattle Area


I love to travel!