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Tux Learners: An E-Learning Platform

Tux Learners need ways to track their own performance on activities so that they can know where to focus their learning and ask for instructor support. For this phase of the project, we conducted market research and user interviews to determine the needs for a learner dashboard and test for assumptions that the client may have. 

Market Research & Feature Analysis

My Contributions


  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis
  • Feature Analysis
  • Learning Management System Trends
  • User Interviews


  • Market Research
  • Feature Analysis
  • User Research Key Insights

The Results

Our team was able to provide valuable market research and user feedback to our client in order to create a comprehensive learner dashboard.


The What

  • Research and propose solutions for the Learner-facing side of Tux: a module-based learning system for UX Designers
  • Consider the Learner as primary persona
  • Consider the instructor as secondary persona
  • Expand on our client’s existing design system to meet the needs of Tux Learners
  • Work within the existing Tux branding guide 

The Who

  • Our Learners are UX designers who are taking Tux coursework.
  • Current or recently graduated UX Bootcamp students
  • Seeking work & professional experience
  • Seeking or taking supplemental training
  • Seeking mentors or additional support
  • Secondary Consideration: Tux Instructors who are working with the Learners

The How

  • Conduct research through user surveys, interviews, and testing
  • Conduct market research including learning management systems, module-based online learning, and existing UX specific resources  
  • Conduct feature analysis to determine types of feedback and tools, including accessibility
  • Consider best practices for learners, including growth mindset and other learning methods

 The Why

  • Learners need actionable and personalized feedback during module based learning in order to improve and target their learning path
  • Learners need a way to focus their learning so they can continue growing over time
  • Learners need a way to control their own learning in order to focus on their individual needs
  • Learners need to communicate specific information with their instructor directly without overwhelming each other.

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