UX Case Study

User Research

Creating Personas & Journey Maps

 This case study demonstrates synthesizing various research methods such as screener surveys, interviews, trend research, card sorting and more to create personas and journey maps.  

Project Scope


  • Affiniti: A social gathering app


  • Trish Brownlee
  • Nick Law
  • Kimberly B.E. 
  • Katia Jimenez

My Contributions

  • User Interviews
  • Market Research
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Journey Map Layout
  • Persona Layout
  • Feature Analysis


Mood Board



  •  With the state of the world still remote, it is harder than ever for people to find connections, romance, and love.


  • Opportunity: Create a dating product that connects users during COVID in new and outside-the-box ways.


  • Conduct research through user surveys, interviews, and testing
  •  Compare dating sites and research trends
  • Conduct affinity mapping to discover patterns and insights

Journey Map

Affinity Mapping Process


With our research, our team was able to create a persona and journey that gives insight into the user and problem space. We were able to use this research to determine key features needed to create a proof of concept app: Affiniti.

Market Research

Problem Statement & How Might We 

Competitive Matrix

Feature Analysis 

MoSCoW Map 

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